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by Richie O’Kelly on Bexley Auto Repair Center
Always takes time to listen

I have driven OLD trucks all my life and would like to continue. However, if Keith tells me he doesn’t feel I should put any more money into my truck, I listen. He has always fixed the most important parts to make it safe. But if he sees anything extra, he will call and ask if I would like it done. I have never felt any pressure from Bexley Automotive, just suggestions that are appreciated. They work very long hours to get your automobile fixed quickly so you are not without transportation. Trust them, you will not be disappointed.

by Angie O’Kelly on Bexley Auto Repair Center

I am in my 30’s and my mom has always made sure that I take my “very old” cars or SUV’s to Bexley Automotive. She didn’t like to think of me being out on the streets alone unless Keith checked over my automobile. I absolutely trust Keith and enjoy going in and talking to him and Dawn. They are so personable and always make me feel like they have time for me. My SUV now has 210,000 miles and thanks to Keith and his crew, it is still safe to drive, even with many, many miles.

by Marion DeLaney on Bexley Auto Repair Center

When I first met my wife, she had been going to Bexley Automoative for at least 15 years. I always felt I knew a lot about cars and I enjoyed working on them. However, it was a pleasant surprise to meet Keith and not feel that I would be taken advantage of. His estimates were always fair and he was very responsible in making sure everything was fixed perfectly and in a timely manner. I now find myself telling all of my friends to take their cars to Bexley Automotive and you will be very satisfied.

by Mary Ellen DeLaney on Bexley Auto Repair Center

When you need a reliable car mechanic company that you can trust, Bexley Automotive is the place to go. We have been able to keep our cars for an extended length of time due to their expert mechanics. Keith will always give you an honest estimate. He also will let you know if your brakes are safe and if your car is in working order before you pick it up. IF he finds something extra that he does not feel is safe, he will also let you know. You will not ever find anyone more friendly than Dawn, the office manager, when you walk in the office – and she can multi-task so no one ever has to wait very long. We have 3 children and they all take their cars to Bexley Automotive and are relieved when the charge is less than they imagined.

by Dependable on Bexley Auto Repair Center
Lynn Butterfield

Our family has had our cars cared for by Bexley Auto for over 25 years and have always been greatly satisfied with the quality of the work and more importantly the cost. The staff is dependable, trustworthy, timely and easy to work with. I highly recommend Bexley Auto Center for all car repairs and services.

by Mary Ellen DeLaney on Bexley Auto Repair Center
Very Satisfied

My name is Mary Ellen and I have been going to Bexley Auto for over 20 years. You will not find a more reliable, trustworthy and conscientous owner than Keith Harris. He always goes above and beyond to be sure you are a satisfied customer. His staff treat you with respect and Dawn welcomes you as you come in the door as if she has known you her whole life. Keith always lets you know what your car needs and if it is safe to drive. He never takes advantage of anyone or tries to charge you for services you do not need. Put your trust in Keith and his staff and you will not be disappointed. My husband and I, children, relatives and friends only allow Keith to work on our cars. If for any reason he can’t fix something, he will send you to another reliable company. Last but not least, Bexley Auto Repair always tries to fix your car in a timely manner. You do not have to wait long at all once you get your estimate. RELIABILITY AT ITS BEST!

by Marlene Miller on Bexley Auto Repair Center

I have been going to Bexley Auto Repair Center for years. I continue to give them my business because I trust them. They are always honest about what needs to be done with the car. They will let you know what needs to be done in order for the car to be safe and what repairs can wait. They never pressure you to do more work than is absolutely necessary. They have saved me thousands of dollars over the years compared to dealer estimates.

by Steven Abrams on Bexley Auto Repair Center
Why I’m a loyal Bexley Auto Client

We have used Bexley Auto for all our auto repair and maintenance work since 2003. We like to keep our cars a long time. The first time we came to Keith my wife had a muffler problem on her 10 year old Subaru (with 140,000 miles). We obtained three estimates, the least expensive of which was $1,800. A friend told me about Bexley Auto. Keith looked at the estimates, checked out the car, and claimed he could repair the car for $10. He wrapped some tape around an exhaust pipe and said the repair should get us another year or two. Then he wouldn’t accept payment. The repair lasted until we sold the car five years later with 245,000 miles on it. This story is one of many that have kept us not just loyal clients, but big fans of Keith and Bexley Auto.

by Julie Watson on Bexley Auto Repair Center
Honest and Supportive

My name is Julie and I have been a customer at Bexley Auto for over 20 years. It is so nice to have a mechanic that you no is not going to take advantage of you. Cars cost so much money and there have been many times when I did not know what I should do regarding major decisions about my cars and Keith has always been there to to help me with those difficult decisions. He has always been honest and supportive. He not only has helped me with my car repairs but has made referrals and supported me when things didn’t go as planned when I was buying a car and getting some body work done. I have referred many people to Bexley Auto because I know that they can be trusted and that they will get great customer service. The only thing that concerns me is what I will do when Keith retires.

by Rosemary McCarthy on Bexley Auto Repair Center
I love the service and staff at Bexley Auto

I love the service and staff at Bexley Auto. Keith and crew have taken care of multiple cars for us over the years. I used to drive back from Virginia for servicing when we resided there. Keith is extremely conscientious and trust-worthy. He never recommends a service that isn’t necessary. If you try this place, you will not be disappointed!

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